Saturday, October 19, 2019

Three Cedars Orchard Trip Part 2- Pumpkin Picking!

We ventured out on Tuesday to Three Cedars Pumpkin Orchard. The children were absolutely a delight as they traveled to the pumpkin patch on a hayride, meandered through the corn maze, picked just the right gourd, and munched donuts and cider along with our lunches. We also spent quality time feeding the sheep and spying the hen and pigs. We also heard a silly animatronic jamboree, scrambled up a climber slide, rode mini tractors and trikes and rolled around in a heaping pit of corn kernels. Some kids are still picking corn out of they pockets!  It was an absolutely perfect day!

The Kindergartners also showed how they had a keen eye for detail when they pointed out the two types of leaves on a growing pumpkin, the yellow flower used as food, and the grooved stems. We heard about all of this information in the book we read From Seed to Pumpkin before our departure.


The Art of Math-Finding Geometric Shapes in Fine Art Pieces!

Kindergartners began a new Math unit, “Geometric Shapes and Solids” this week. Our first story, Grandpa Tang: A Story about Tangrams introduced us to a way to several assemble shapes in a unique and clever way. The tangram puzzle, that dates back to ancient China, even has a “mystery shape” that the Ks are trying to identify. Our other story, The Greedy Triangle, told of a cautionary tale about the dangers of wanting to be something that you are not. 

Ks also practiced the various names for multi-sided geometric figures. They created our own tangram figures and recreations (while demonstrating very good cutting skills as a class) and created a simple origami ‘shapeshifter” like in our stories. Later in the week we added Jenga, Tic Tac Toe,  and Checkers to or “Games Kids play” Friday’s line up.  We are practicing our sportsmanship (specifically not quitting our complaining when we feel we are losing) with our peers during play a well. 

Kindergartners made their first SK Morning Meeting Presentation and demonstrated one of their  cross curricular Math lessons-hunting for and identifying shapes in major works of fine art. They were assisted by an eager audience member (or several willing small groups) who graciously searched for shape figures in pieces like Van Gogh’s Starry Night, Matisse’s Maestri Della Pittura, Wayne Thiebaud’s Cakes, and Andy Warhol’s So Meow.