Monday, December 8, 2014

Continuing in "Grand" (Friend) Style!

Our Upper Peninsula!
City of Kentwood near Grand Rapids, MI 

Kindergartners had the privilege of continuing our school's  "Grand Friend's Day" celebration with a special visit by Isaya's Grandfather Bill Hardiman who also happens to be a State Senator and former Major of Kentwood, MI.
Senator Hardiman, dressed in a dapper grey suit and tie, was greeted warmly by the Kindergartners.  After his introduction one Kindergartner, Femi, commented, "I thought you worked there because of the look!"  Mr. Hardiman demonstrated where the city he majored was located on his Michigan "hand" map and also explained the levels of government- The President (the country), Governor (the state), and Mayor (the city.)  He also explained that both of his jobs as a Senator and a Mayor had the responsibility of taking care of the people's needs.   A few of the children made connections with his role as mayor and expressed that Papa Hardiman was like the "Owner of the city" and "President of the city."  The most charming response, however, was the analogy of being "President of his own house" by Grandson Isaya.  (We will ask Grandma about that when she visits us again.)  Senator Hardiman also told us that another one of his roles was to protect the people and to get them things.  Kindergartner Esh replied, "Yeah, like toys."

  I think that Ks impressed Papa with our many comments and our knowledge of our state flower (the apple blossom), state bird (the robin), and even our ability to guess our state reptile (after a few good tries!) 

Isaya interviewed his Grandpa and asked, "What is something that you don't mind sharing with the group?"  Grandpa Hardiman replied,  "One thing I enjoy most is spending time with my family!"   Well, we definitely enjoyed Papa spending time with us and for giving us such an informative talk, fun facts bookmarks, and coloring books about our beloved state!      

Papa's own "state reptile" sighting-a Painted Turtle! 

                                             Three generations of State of Michigan Royalty!

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  1. My completely objective view here...that last picture is awesome!