Friday, February 13, 2015

Snack Providers for February/March

Snack Providers for February/March

February 23rd-27th (val)
March 2nd-6th (Edison's Family)
March 10th-13th (Edison's Family)
March 16th-20th (Andrew's Family)
March 23rd-27th (Isaya's Family)
March 30th-April 2nd (Isaya's Family)

Parent/Teacher Conference Spring 2014-15 Sign Up Sheet

Parent/Teacher Fall Conference  Spring 2014-15 Sign up Sheet-Kindergarten

Dear Kindergarten Parents, 

It's Parent-Teacher Conference time!   Please sign up in the classroom for one of the Parent/Teacher Conference time slots listed.  If you prefer, you can email me with your top three choices and I will try my best to give you your first choice.  I will also send a confirmation email.  This conference is a 20-minute block of time set aside to speak with you more formally about your thoughts, questions, ideas, and concerns on your child’s Kindergarten experience and progress so far and to plan and express expectations for the upcoming months.  This is also a great time to address your thoughts, questions and comments about the "Fall Assessment."  Ideally, it is very helpful for me to know if you found the assessment to be useful, relevant, and meeting your needs and expectations.  A lot of time goes into this process and it is important to me that this information is helpful.  

Please note that there are no actual conference times available on our “No School Day”-Monday March 9th.   I generally reserve this day for planning and to compile my conference notes.  

Also, there is  *complimentary Child Care Service available during your conference time if necessary.   I will notify Before/After Care Staff of your conference time so that they are expecting you.  Please, however,  make sure to sign your child in and out with Before/Aftercare Staff during this time for accurate attendance purposes.    

I am looking forward to chatting with you again about your awesome Kindergartner and just know that you may also contact me at any time about any and all concerns!  Thanks!  val  (  734.971-7991


*8:10-8:30      ___________________________________________________________     
*4:00-4:20      ___________________________________________________________
*4:30-4:50      ___________________________________________________________
*5:00-5:20      ___________________________________________________________
 5:30-5:50      ___________________________________________________________
6:00-6:20      _______________________________________   (No childcare available)


10:40-11:00        __________________________________________________________
11:05-11:25        __________________________________________________________
12:35-12:55        __________________________________________________________
  1:00-1:20          __________________________________________________________
 *5:30-5:50         __________________________________________________________
 6:00-6:20          _______________________________________  (No child care available)


*8:10-8:30          ____________________________________________________________
12:35-12:55       ____________________________________________________________
  1:00-1:20         ____________________________________________________________
 *4:00-4:20        ____________________________________________________________
 *4:30-4:50        ____________________________________________________________
 *5:00-5:20       ____________________________________________________________
 *5:30-5:50        ____________________________________________________________
   6:00-6:20        ___________________________________________________________


 *8:10-8:30        ____________________________________________________________
10:05-10:25      ____________________________________________________________
  2:05-2:25        ____________________________________________________________
 *4:00-4:20        ____________________________________________________________
 *4:30-4:50       ____________________________________________________________
 *5:00-5:20     _____________________________________________________________

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February Dates at a Glance!

February's Theme:  Book Journeys

Tues. & Thurs. February 3rd & 5th  Exploratory Blocks (EBs), T 9-10 A.M., TH 10:30-11:30
Friday, February 6th         Friday Morning Coffee with Joanna, 8-10 A.M.
Tuesday, February 10th    Exploratory Block (EB), 9-10 A.M.
Thursday, February 12th  Trip to Wild Swan Theater, "Under the African Sky" 9:30 A.M.
Friday, February 13th       Valentine Party and Exchange  8:40-11:30 A.M.
                                         SK All School Skating Party!  1-3 P.M.
Monday, February 16th - Friday, February 20th  No School-Mid Winter Break!
Monday, February 23rd   School Resumes!
Tuesday, February 24th  Exploratory Block (EB)  9-10 A.M.
Thursday,  & 26th           Exploratory Blocks (EB), 10:30-11:30 A.M

Next Month:

Monday, March 9th  No School-Professional Development
Tuesday, March 10th-13th   Parent/Teacher Conferences. Times TBA