Saturday, April 18, 2015

Pyramid Poems-National Poetry Month!

April is "National Poetry Month"  and our class had been serendipitously preparing for all of its literary splendor.   Kindergartners were asked to challenge themselves to create a bit of their own poetry.   During a classroom discussion at Circle Time, our class decided that a poem was loosely defined as being a very "short story" and usually on one particular thought or subject. We combined the styles of "free verse "  (a poem that does not rhyme and has no set length and no meter or rhythm) combined with a touch of "diamante" (a poem with a set structure that forms a diamond) to best  describe our efforts.  Ks were challenged with the task of coming up with 1,2,3,4 and 5 word (ideally) related phrases to ultimately form the shape of what else? a pyramid.  Our poem prompt of course, was the question, "What have you learned/gained more information about during our study of Ancient Egypt?" Here are their thoughts.  (Don't forget the snaps after reading!:)

painted        box
lots       of        gold
They're      set    with      shabtis   
Even    cats    had     a      sarcophagus

palm tree
block of gold
six blocks of stone
twenty pyramids at my house
brains   out
mummies   are   creepy
mummies   lay in   sarcophaguses
pyramids    have    drawings    on    walls
spiral  ramps
There     were      three
Beams cracked during construction
Khufu's    was     the     Great       Pyramid
facing   sideways
in    a    sarcophagus
wrote      on      old      paper
They      had     bows      and      arrows
booby traps
Little Great Sphinx
Little Sphinx guards pyramids

heart  stays
in  a  sarcophagus
organs   are   taken   out
Ancient Egyptian people made pyramids

a  pyramid
people made sarcophaguses
 a               lot            of            pictures
They     used      hieroglyphics       to        talk 

creepy mummy
The beams cracked
The pharaohs had servants
servants pulled sledges up ramps

mean pharaohs
Egyptians drew a lot
servants wrote on papyrus
Egyptian children don't wear clothes

mummified boxes
houses    for   pharaohs
pyramids   were   like   houses
houses      made      out      of      sand

We are finding that the influence of the Ancient Egyptians is  everywhere!  I spotted this sculpture including the Sphinx outside of the Native American Museum near Wall Street on a recent trip to New York City!


  1. "Egyptian children don't wear clothes"...hope none of the kids are considering reviving this part of Ancient Egypt :)

  2. On a more serious note, I love the kids' free-versing!! Reminds me a little bit of Buckshot LeFonque's album where they featured Maya Angelou...maybe Josh can lay down some jazzy horns/tracks as someone with a sonorous voice recites Pyramid Poems?