Friday, June 5, 2015

Our Amazing Science Trip with Teacher Shan to Orlander Fossil Park, Toledo Ohio

"Fossils" by Lilian Moore from the book, The Tree That Time Built:  a Celebration of Nature, Science, and Imagination edited by U.S. Children's Poet Laureate Mary Ann Hoberman and by Linda Winston
Older than books, than scrolls, 
older than the first tales told

or the first words spoken
 are the stories in forests that turned to stone

in ice walls that trapped the mammoth
in the long bones of dinosaurs-

the fossil stories that begin 

Once upon a time




Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bones, Buds, and Harmony: Our Photographic Study of Artist Georgia O'Keeffe










A very special THANK YOU to two of our former Kindergarten Dads, Brad and Jean Marie, for loaning us the beautiful skulls from each of their collections!


Tortillas Like Africa: Familiar Songs!

"Tortillas Like Africa"  from Canto Familiar by Gary Soto

 and illustrated by Annika Nelson

When we said, "Here goes,"
And began rolling out tortillas,
We giggled because ours came out not round,
like Mama's,
But in the shapes of faraway lands. 

Dayna  began our cooking lesson with a poem about a memory of making tortillas.  Abuela (Dayna's Mom)  busily prepared things in the kitchen.

Dayna demonstrated the proper technique for rolling a ball of dough while Abuela proudly observed.  Mom no doubt did a great job of passing down this Mexican-American tradition!

I think that they've got it!!! 

Dayna then demonstrated how to properly mash the corn flour dough with a press.  Perfect!

Abuela carefully placed each child's creation into a warmed pan and confidently walked away to attend to other things.  Grandma, a former surgeon,  has this technique down to a Science.

                                Each Kindergartner took turns pressing their own ball of dough.

Refreshing homemade salsa made by Abuela and cheese were the toppings of choice.

         And then the ultimate and most awaited part.....the taste.  chants of more and more ensued.

Hungry eyes look on.  Don't worry, your turns  are coming soon.  And even second helpings! 

A job very well and deliciously done!  (Now time for a siesta I hope.)

       A very grateful bunch!

The end of the "Tortillas Like Africa" poem read, 

I asked Isaac, "How's yours?"
He cleared his throat and opened his tortilla.
He said, "Bueno!  Greenland tastes like Mexico." 

(So did ours!)