Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Kindergarten Dinosaurs In Song!

 Kindergartners adorned in tee- shirts that they designed just for the occasion, warmed up their voices in a quick rehearsal and then confidently strutted (or stomped maybe) to the Music Room to an adoring crowd of a Grandparent, Parents, Sibs, and other Guests such as Joanna, Admin.'s Kim and Megan, and of course our 7/8th Grade K-Buddies!

The backdrop that we created (with the help of our 1/2 Grade Buddies and Rachel's class) gave homage to Diego Rivera.  Kindergartners first drew detailed sketches on tissue paper (to prepare as he did) and studied about the process Rivera used to create the incredible D.I.A. rotunda murals. 

The Musical kicked off with a "Drum Circle" and an encore selection from our recent "Reflection's Night/Music Cafe."  The African Drum Circle is traditionally a way of communicating messages and "to experience the spontaneous creation of music."   It is also used "as a tool for wellness and community building."

Well, with a spontaneous, creative and communal mood set,  Teacher Josh gave an introduction of the plot that was ever thickened by the children's (including a "Paleontologist") narratives.   We reflectively oozed our way back in time...  back to the Cretaceous Period ...  back to the time of the dinosaur.

The Paparazzi were claw hooked at the introduction and all types of electronic media became visible.  (Not sure how those devices were available way back then...but i digress. )

 Call and response is a great exercise for getting attention, following directions, and memory recall.

Even our Head of School Joanna was riveted by the performance.  The Ks also visited her earlier in the day for hugs & additional moral support!

Our Middle School K Buddies are some of our biggest fans and we are of them!  We will truly miss all of our 2015 Graduates and were glad that they all took time out of their busy schedules to spend time with us!

Afterward, Kindergartners gave generous and warm applause to their Awesome Parents and Guests!

They also paid honor to our Andrew who was under the weather today.  His tee shirt stood in proxy!


 It was a fantastic performance of the Kindergartners' original songs, ability to play various instruments, and choreography.  It was also a testament to our fantastic Music Teacher Josh and the SK Music program!  Josh not only teaches children how to play an instrument and sing, he allows them to experience Music authentically, explore possibilities and to express themselves freely!

    Thanks for such a great performance and for being such a Terrific (or Tyrrani-fic... -Pter-if-ic)  audience!

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