Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Special Visitors: Auntie, Mom, and Ganesha!

Kindergartners are rarely at want for a good story, or a storyteller for that matter!  We have a wealth of guest readers from our SK community but even as meaningful, are the readers who come in from our own families! Recently, Esh's Auntie (who is also a teacher) was in town all the way from India  for the birthday celebration for Esh's Grandfather.  

Amid all of the many party preparations, Esh's Aunt Ritu and Mom graciously offered to come in to share with us.   "Ritu Auntie" read a beautiful and delightful book with a unique twist on India's rich literature, culture and history. Ganesha's Sweet Tooth gave an interpretation of how Ganesha, one of the Hindu Gods and depicted as a boy elephant,  breaks a tooth and is also assisted with writing the epic poem, 'Mahabharata.'  

Afterward, Auntie who was adorned in a traditional sari (a bright colored sequined tunic) for the occasion, expressed some of her fond memories of eating "laddoo" which is a traditional pastry dessert made with pistachios mentioned in the story.   We, however, had yummy (allergy free) chick peas instead for our treat.  

Esh's Bibiji (Grandmother), however,  made some traditional  and delicious nut laden laddoo for me to eat at home!)    Before leaving,  we each received  a beautiful gold lace bag from Esh's family which contained a string of intricate  beads in the shape of  Ganesha the elephant. Sweet!

Esh demonstrates a model of a traditional rickshaw used in India for transporting residents and visitors from place to place.  

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