Sunday, October 18, 2015

"Clothes" Encounters

As a part of our "Identity" unit, Kindergartners have been comparing and contrasting our clothing,  reading about how clothes are made, and even designed their own hats after listening to Caps for Sale

We talked about how we each make individual statements and how we often wear clothes that we enjoy and that make us feel good.  We were pleasantly surprised about how similar our tastes and styles were.     We were also (by the process of elimination) able to identify our classmates with clues given about each of our garments.

A few weeks ago, Kindergartners returned from Monday Morning Meeting and recalled how Mrs. Carpenter's class talked about "Read to Feed," their project to read lots of books in order to raise money to give to a village so that it could purchase a sheep for a family as a means to support themselves with the sale of it's wool.  Our Circle Time story,  Where Did My Clothes Come From? explained the process of extracting the wool from animals like sheep.  Coincidentally, another A.M. Meeting presentation by Elaine's class, "How to Make a Pillow from Start to Finish" was recalled by our class when that same book mentioned how garments (like pillows) are made on a sewing machine.  Kindergartners are able to make wonderful and useful connections with old and new information!

(Left) It was much too tempting not to make and wear a paper bag chapeau of my own.

Dillon had a bit of a design challenge with the correct  placement of eye holes for his cap.

Later in the week we read another classic story, Joseph Had a Little Overcoat, and found out about a very clever gentleman who  reused and recycled his clothing periodically to create something new. This knowledge will come in handy as we prepare for our (formally Eco Fair) "Home Made Halloween" celebration on next Friday morning, October 30th.  Children are strongly encouraged to use their ingenuity, imagination and recycled materials to create a costume at home with their families in order to wear it at school next week for a parade and other festivities.

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  1. I love this, Val, and your other blog posts too! I love hearing and seeing all the fun and interesting things everyone is doing in your classroom, and out. --Lori