Thursday, October 29, 2015

"Spinning Dot" Theater's production of "Sedna: An Inuit Tale"

There are times when you experience something so magical, so brilliant, so lovely you can hardly give it adequate justice in a description.  The Lower School was honored with such an experience at various times today.  It was magical because the set design, scenery and music alone transformed you into another place and time within moments.  It was lovely.  From the sweep of a slow intentional hand to the masterful craftsmanship of the figurines, to the precision of a well placed beam of light-the execution was lovely.  It was brilliant!  Original, clever, eerily sad but hopeful and triumphant.  This production was brilliant!  The children were speechless throughout the whole show-(which is an amazing feat for a Kindergartner) but they later commented,  (spoiler alert)

"I loved it!"
"I loved it...I want to marry it!"
"The music was ding-dongy"
"Some people died."
"It might be a true story.  People died. That's something in nature.. that happens to us."
   "It might not be true.  Human beings cannot marry dogs.  Can they?"
"There was a lot of colored lights before everyone died...  maybe as a way of celebration."
"It's a nice story.  The dolls are really old."
"It's nice to be in a tent.  I liked the feeling of being in a tent."
"It has a couple of things of nature-people dying, dogs, sleds, no trees."

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