Sunday, December 27, 2015

There is nothing like a good story.

Kindergartners participated in Library Story Time with our guest reader Mom.  We also had time for browsing and selected and checked out books to take home.  Being read to provides an opportunity to hear the sound and cadence of language.  It also assists the new reader with pronunciation, proper inflection and also provides a cozy and pleasurable experience.

Spencer, one of our awesome 3rd/4th Grade Teachers, stopped by and couldn't resist chatting with us about our recent interest in Space exploration.  We were able to find lots of literature about our topic right in our own library and also supplemented some of our learning with books brought in from home. Coincidentally, one Kindergartner, Mila,  also brought in a constellation project she created at the local library the previous weekend.  When Kindergartners are active participants in their own learning,  information becomes 'real' to them and they appear to retain that knowledge for a longer period of time. 

August,  apparently inspired by our recent visit from Spinning Dot Theater, is writing and illustrating his own story using shadow puppets that he created.   Children grasp the necessity for including a beginning, middle and end to a successful storyline.  They also make sure to include a good conflict and resolution to the plot.

Recently, Lexi volunteered to read Brown Bear, Brown Bear to her attentive classmates.   Rhyming, predictable and repetitive text and bold descriptive illustrations successfully aid emergent readers.

The Lower School classes were invited to witness a version of Excalibur rewritten by two of Spencer's students.  They used props and cleverly updated dialog to keep us engaged.  Collaborations between the K-4 classrooms provide so many opportunities for shared learning.  The older children give us ideas about taking risks on projects and demonstrate how to do a particular task and we provide a safe and supportive audience to try out their skills.

Morgana and Arthur match wits.

During our celebration of collecting 39 garments for the annual Pajama Drive, Mrs. Carpenter read us a classic version of The Gingerbread Man.   This was the perfect end of our first semester and beginning of Winter Break.  We were already in our pajamas!

See you all in 2016!!!!!

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