Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Only One (Kindergartner like) You !

Kindergartners listened to School's First Day of School by Adam Rex and found out that they might not have been the only ones who were a little nervous about beginning Kindergarten!   Identifying our feelings and finding just the right words to express them are a huge part of the kindergarten experience.

 During Math time we transformed ourselves into cartographers and mapped out our classroom areas and content.  We will be adding other features to our maps as we go along.  This activity begins our journey through our  "Explorations" theme unit.  We will also be discussing map and compass directions, distance and measurements  in the upcoming months.

Morning recess involved knights, hula hoops, bubble wands, and numerous pails of water! We enjoyed the breezy to eventually balmy weather of this gorgeous end of Summer.  Children should expect to spend time outside several times a day unless the weather is inclement.

During Choice Times, Kindergartners contributed to a long standing tradition of dyeing rice with watercolors and adding each unique batch to our sensory table.  This has been done during 5 of the last 6 SK Kindergarten classes.  (One year i just simply forgot!)  Community is established with Group activities with a common goal.

Some of our other first day activities included a lovely "Story Time with Madame" and our first and very informative "Sharing Day!"   Some Kindergartners scrounged through their backpacks and found treasures to show and tell about while others shared their thoughts or declined commenting. Alex volunteered to be our first "facilitator" and did and excellent job guiding us through this kid-led activity! Sharing days strive to build confidence with public speaking, provide opportunities to express one's likes and passions, hone listening skills and can establish friendships.

The beautiful book Only One You  by Linda Kranz was the inspiration for our first Art activity.  We first used intricate line work with sharpies then added intense watercolor pigment to create our "Only One" unique fish patterns.  The story itself was about a fish couple who imparted "wisdom" to their son "as he goes about exploring the world."  Our class discussed what "wisdom" meant and also found that the wisdom shared in this book could be helpful to us as well.

Always be on the lookout for a new friend.
Look for beauty wherever you are. . .
. . . there is so much to discover

Set aside some quiet time to relax and reflect. Everyday.

-Miles B.
Appreciate art.


(I think that Ms. Kranz is so very wise!)

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  1. Lucky kids! Can't wait to see what other adventures await them.