Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Myths and Monsters

Our current theme led us through a plethora of stories called "myths." We listened to a collection by two authors/illustrators in particular, Gerald McDermott and Eric Kimmel.  Afterward, Kindergartners categorized these stories by noticing common threads between each tale.    We discovered that most had:
  • an element of truth  (settings like Africa, Pacific Northwest, Amazon Rain Forest or actual people like the Ashanti)
  • a magical moment like appearing and disappearing figures, objects, shape-shifters
  • a trickster (usually Anansi or someone that Anansi had wronged) 
  •  a creation story explaining how something may have happened for the first time e.g. light, the moon, the black tip on the end of a coyote's tail
  • animals or inanimate objects that could talk or that had other human qualities 
We also read about other "mythological creatures" from folktales and legends and found out that there was sometimes a credible reason that our ancestors believed that some of these characters really existed. For example, one animal, the Gulon, was described in the book Monsters and Legends by Davide Cali as "a creature which roamed the Scandinavian woods, was said to be the size of a dog, with a cat's head, razor-sharp claws, long hair, a fox's tail and a huge appetite."  We know it to be the Wolverine!  (Go Blue!) 

Kindergartners were inspired to create some mythological critters of their own. They also gave them names, attributes and abilities.

"A Hawk"
(Has stripes from a bee, legs of a cheetah, bug feet and a cheetah tail)
Able to fly and get meat fast -Alex

"Alien Pirate"
(Has feathers, pirate's eye patch and a peg leg)
Able to teleport anywhere he wants -Sophia

(Has gooey stuff, fur and rocks)
Able to disappear, attack and stretch -Isaac

"Rainbow Magic"
(Has wood and brick)
Able to run so fast that they can catch... maybe eat a human from one feet away. 

"Snake Head"
(Has a king crown, lion tail and dragon wing)
Able to make its tail into a flame of fire -Miles F.

(Made from space dust, stars and space trash)
Able to go into a volcano without getting hurt -Jackson

(Has the beak of a bird, fur of a bear and the skin of a zebra)
Able to snort sparks -Miles B.

(Has scales of a fish, feathers of a bird, fur for a tail and a type of material for scales on his back and for the beak..that is a mystery.)

  It is able to move any way it wants to and he can move his head any way he wants to except for backwards.  He can move his hands and claws.  -Marco

(Has steel and slides of people)
Able to go down slides that are bumpy -Margo

"Diamond Fur"
(Has diamonds and lots of colored dragon skin)
Able to fly, walk and eat -Nels 

"Chicken Dinosaur Duck"
(A monster... one of a kind dinosaur. Has spikes and snake tail)
Able to come near you and eat you -Isha

(Has wing, hands, leg, feet and face of a person and a horn of gold.)

Able to fly and touch things.  Also able to touch things with its foot.  He can stamp things with its wings. -Yeon Soo

"The Drylocks"
(Has skin and metal)
Able to breathe fire and can 'ribbit' -Jacob

Kindergartners also created "totem" stories to assist them with recalling and documenting story details from our readings of author/illustrator Gerald Mc Dermott's collection of myths from around the world.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Isn't it Grand? Grand Friends Day 2016

It was grand!  Grand Friends showed up in grand numbers to be serenaded by  the sweet sounds of our SK choir then escorted down the hall to visit various classrooms.  Grand Parents, Pastors, Uncles, Aunts, Siblings and Parents were all in attendance!

Wasn't it grand that Nel's Gran shared her coloring book, class photo and "November" calendar  from her own Kindergarten days. Thanksgiving would even fall on the very same day as in 1949! Grandma explained that her school was a one room school house which she shared with her cousin.  

Talk about grand! Some Grand Parents like Grandma Felicia and Grandpa Chris skyped in to visit with our class and tell about their experiences.

Miles' Grandfather explained that his Kindergarten class of 1955 was in some ways very similar to ours.  His school was built in the 1880's, however,  and was also attended by Miles' Great Grandfather and Great Great Grandmother as well!

Grandpa Chris further explained that the purpose of Kindergarten was "to develop a foundation for future life and involved activities focusing on the home, community, nature, physical fitness, drama/play and reading readiness."  There was also art classes, wooden furniture in the dress up area and free play time. His school also took field trips to nearby places like the fire station and library.

A traditional (and eclectic) "Charlie Brown Feast" of pretzels, popcorn, yam rolls, muffins, rice, potato salad, pumpkin pie, jambalaya and of course jelly beans was spread for a very grand lunch.  

Our Grand Head of School, Walter, and even more K parents came by for a bite to eat and to chat! Ks happily ate picnic style!

Afterward, time was well spent outdoors with beautiful weather and several rounds of freeze tag. 

For our grand finale, Adriana's Aunt read a very sweet and appropriate story about what else, the importance of family!  

We wish to extend a very special THANK YOU to all of our Grand Families for coming and sharing in our special day.  We would also like to thank all of our immediate and extended family members who love on and assist our SK children in countless other ways. We appreciate You so much!!!!!!