Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Isn't it Grand? Grand Friends Day 2016

It was grand!  Grand Friends showed up in grand numbers to be serenaded by  the sweet sounds of our SK choir then escorted down the hall to visit various classrooms.  Grand Parents, Pastors, Uncles, Aunts, Siblings and Parents were all in attendance!

Wasn't it grand that Nel's Gran shared her coloring book, class photo and "November" calendar  from her own Kindergarten days. Thanksgiving would even fall on the very same day as in 1949! Grandma explained that her school was a one room school house which she shared with her cousin.  

Talk about grand! Some Grand Parents like Grandma Felicia and Grandpa Chris skyped in to visit with our class and tell about their experiences.

Miles' Grandfather explained that his Kindergarten class of 1955 was in some ways very similar to ours.  His school was built in the 1880's, however,  and was also attended by Miles' Great Grandfather and Great Great Grandmother as well!

Grandpa Chris further explained that the purpose of Kindergarten was "to develop a foundation for future life and involved activities focusing on the home, community, nature, physical fitness, drama/play and reading readiness."  There was also art classes, wooden furniture in the dress up area and free play time. His school also took field trips to nearby places like the fire station and library.

A traditional (and eclectic) "Charlie Brown Feast" of pretzels, popcorn, yam rolls, muffins, rice, potato salad, pumpkin pie, jambalaya and of course jelly beans was spread for a very grand lunch.  

Our Grand Head of School, Walter, and even more K parents came by for a bite to eat and to chat! Ks happily ate picnic style!

Afterward, time was well spent outdoors with beautiful weather and several rounds of freeze tag. 

For our grand finale, Adriana's Aunt read a very sweet and appropriate story about what else, the importance of family!  

We wish to extend a very special THANK YOU to all of our Grand Families for coming and sharing in our special day.  We would also like to thank all of our immediate and extended family members who love on and assist our SK children in countless other ways. We appreciate You so much!!!!!! 

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