Friday, February 17, 2017

Digging into the Ancient Egyptians!

Kindergartners are on a journey in order to walk (and think) like an Egyptian.  We have delved into several books, heard a very descriptive account of a brain extraction by Isaac at Circle Time and created comic strip-like summaries of The Voyage of Osiris.   During Language Arts, we tried our hand at performing the role of scribe and deciphered and wrote out our names in hieroglyphs.  We are currently embedding hieroglyphs into our mural-like Art project as well. 

Several Kindergartners worked together to assemble an interior foundation (including the anti-chamber and  burial chamber) then added the exterior facade.  They also discussed desert landscapes and complex shapes like the pyramid.  
Miles used his architectural skills to build a structure of another era right next door to his Ancient Egyptian neighbor.

Our Math classes included practice with counting by 1s, 5s, and 10s.  We counted up, used skewers to make tally marks of 5, then bundled sticks to make groups of ten. We are practicing recounting our counts to verify or check our work. Lastly, we are using Egyptian hieroglyphic number symbols to record our totals. 

Toothpicks were used to solve Mathematical equations that are also magic tricks.  Ask your clever Kindergartner how to magically turn five toothpicks into ten!  Ks also practiced creating simple and complex shapes with their sticks.  Multi-repurposed magic!

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