Friday, May 12, 2017

Haiku and Portraits for Mom! Happy Mother's Day!

Bald Eagle

I have a bald eagle.
My Mom likes the bald eagle.
We kept the bald eagle. -Jacob

Poetry for My Mom

She likes radishes.
and she likes lilac flowers.
I like Pokemon. -Alexander

A Poem for Mom)

She likes orca whales
and she likes hare bunnies
and morels and me. -Geronimo

My Mom

A bald eagle flew away
landed on a maple tree branch
Mom got scared. -Marco

Flowers and Apples

She likes flowers and
she likes apples and flowers.
I like peregrine falcons and cheetahs. -Miles F.

Mom's Title

She likes grown up cats.
She likes me and Baby River.
She also likes baby ducks. -Nels


She likes tigers.
She does not like tigers.
She likes tiger paws. -Isaac


She likes strawberries.
She likes red-breasted robins.
She likes marigolds. -Margo

Dolphins and Sea Otters

She likes sea otters.
She likes baby dolphins when
they jump with backs up. -Isha


She likes her son Miles.
She likes a bunch of different
kinds of birds like cardinals. -Miles


When I don't listen
My Mom is a porcupine.
She protects herself. -Sophia

Mom Loves Me

Oh, how sweet she is!
She loves me and red-winged blackbirds.
So I made breakfast. -Jackson

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