Saturday, September 9, 2017

Kindergartners' First Capers- Fall 2017

(photo by Evan's Mom)

Kindergartners listened to lots of books that talked about going to Kindergarten for the first time.  Some themes included the anxiety or "jitters"  felt by both children (and teachers) in anticipation of the first day of school,  the awkwardness one might feel at your parents staying with you in your class and sitting on your lap all day and who misses you when you go off to school i.e. your devoted pets.   

This week's Math lessons centered around the usefulness of math all throughout our lives. Number recognition was emphasized  through card games, mystery number challenges and the use of various manipulatives as representatives of number quantities, such as the amount of letters in our names.

Dress up was abundantly popular.

During our first art project, everyone mixed up their own colorful batch and contributed to our 8 year old SK Kindergarten community rice at the sensory table.  A collaborative installation comes in many forms!

Ks waited patiently for their turn at the sink to wash hands for an A.M. snack of clementines and cheese sticks.  Also on the menu this week were apples, pretzels, grapes, bagels and cream cheese and carrots. K Families take turns each week with the snack provider task.
Lego structure building was also a favored task.  Many saved creations now adorn our window sills.  We also engaged with arranging mosaic tiles, writing in our "any time" journals, 
assembling puzzles and magnets; and pretend games of "chase the kitty".
(photo by Maya's Mom)

Pirates dug for treasure and pilfered, plundered and reburied finds during recesses on the playground.  We sometimes share our space with our new Preschool program and had lovely exchanges with even more new friends.

Even Pirates get tired.

Kindergartners discover that they have a V . I. P. for a neighbor.  "Walter, are you in there?

Josh's Music classes was greatly anticipated and did not disappoint. Ks have begun writing lyrics to their own songs already.

Ks returned from P.E. and our first bus ride feeling happy, exhausted and ready for lunch.

Have a great first weekend!

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