Thursday, February 22, 2018

Wild Swans, A Fox and a Goose! Our trip to "Under The African Sky!

Kindergartners participated in a mini pond study upon our arrival.

A goose sighting had us divided as to whether or not it was real.  It was.

Rousing games of  "Mr. Fox" allowed us time to get some wiggles out before the production.  We found out, however, that the play contained a fair amount of movement through authentic African dance.

W.S. Actress Jaclyn engaged us with wonderful body movements, African terms and instrument identification. (Below) Our beloved Sandy always greets us so warmly and asks how we enjoyed the show!

(Anansi) The Spider came right out of the books we have been reading this week onto the stage.  That arachnid was still as mischievous as our stories! (Below) Our American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter was also able to join us for a photo op.

Yet another great outing!!!!!  Thanks to all of our Moms and Teacher Donna who were able to join us (an obviously dodge m of the cameras:)

Friday, February 9, 2018

Our Funny Valentines!

During our writing activity this week, Ks collaborated on a beautiful “Winter Poem” with Teacher Donna.  The ending melted our hearts with,

“...We all lay together for quiet time
and it’s so fun
with blankets and
everyone laying
and lazing
and laying everywhere
like the snow…”

And speaking of snow, our Snow Day on Wednesday was just what some of us needed to try to get over our colds and other illnesses.

Thursday was full of love as our hearts (and our feet) “could not sit down” from the Circle Time story by Mara Rockliff  because of  all of the pre-Valentine’s Day excitement!

Kindergartners are commended for working so hard preparing at home.  

They practiced their writing, spelling and handwriting skills along with impeccable decorating and craftsmanship abilities.

A feverish game of Valentine Bingo featured in our Math lesson with parents acting as barkers, dice rollers, Kid assistants and sneaky heart bandits.

Afterward, the children were as thrilled to give as they were to receive their cards and other thoughtful expressions.

   Later, Ks were like little Cupids as they scurried throughout the building delivering loveliness to Specials Teachers and Staff and Head of School, Walter. 

Our beloved Madame shares a riveting story of love and Pygmalion (hence the statuesque pose) during Latin class!

Card toting Ks sought out one of their favorites, Music Teacher Josh!

Our love and adoration extended to our awesome After Care Staff!

We are sending very special LOVE and THANK YOUs to all of the Parents and Sibs who stopped by to assist with the incredibly cute chaos or sent warm thoughts our way. Your labor at home with boxes and what seemed like millions of writing sessions was greatly appreciated and well worth it as evidenced by the super big grins and sparkly (and cool shade-covered) eyes!!!!

Have a safe, cozy and restful Mid-Winter Break!