Thursday, February 22, 2018

Wild Swans, A Fox and a Goose! Our trip to "Under The African Sky!

Kindergartners participated in a mini pond study upon our arrival.

A goose sighting had us divided as to whether or not it was real.  It was.

Rousing games of  "Mr. Fox" allowed us time to get some wiggles out before the production.  We found out, however, that the play contained a fair amount of movement through authentic African dance.

W.S. Actress Jaclyn engaged us with wonderful body movements, African terms and instrument identification. (Below) Our beloved Sandy always greets us so warmly and asks how we enjoyed the show!

(Anansi) The Spider came right out of the books we have been reading this week onto the stage.  That arachnid was still as mischievous as our stories! (Below) Our American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter was also able to join us for a photo op.

Yet another great outing!!!!!  Thanks to all of our Moms and Teacher Donna who were able to join us (an obviously dodge m of the cameras:)

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