Sunday, March 25, 2018

African inspired Art to end an Inspiring Month!

Kindergartners listened to into several African folktales and observed the influence of African art and culture on Spanish Artist Pablo Picasso. Some stories even included characters donning African masks as if in a play production.  We supplemented our study with a trip to Wild Swan Theater's production of "Under The African Sky". The Ks also  participated in studies about story origins across the continent, indigenous animals to certain areas, color, texture, symmetry, contrast, three dimensional structures and depth.  The resulting masks that they created were vibrant and fascinating Each was a wonderful tribute to a culture rich in creativity and skill.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Living Just Enough for the (theme of) Cities!

Our Theme unit of “Cities” and Global Experiences began with a poll of the many cities that we could recall visiting at one time or another.  We found out that Kindergartners are very well traveled and have been to a large variety of places.

During Language Arts, we took a step back in time and “toured” the city of Roxaboxen ( the author Alice McLerran’s  mother’s childhood memories.)  We compared one of the character’s use of discarded glass bottles to adorn her property to the story The Bottle Houses of Grandma Prisbrey that we read at the beginning of the year.  We were also intrigued by the town’s use of smooth stones to denote property lines. Our nonfiction book, Book of Cities, took us on a journey to several familiar (New York, London, Tokyo) and some not so familiar places.  We found out that several cities use water for houseboats and thoroughfares.

A third story, Maya Lin: Artist and Architect of Light and Lines (designer of the Vietnam Wall) depicted a famous landmark designed by Lin called “The Wave Field” that can be found on U of M’s North Campus in our own city of Ann Arbor.

To end our shortened week, our guest reader, Maya’s Mom (Maya R. not Lin) delighted us with a book called Bloom partly in celebration of all of the gloppy mud puddles we found to play in this and last week.

Math looked like architectural design using geometric shapes as we tried to
create “walls” and structures inspired by Maya Lin’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. Our medium of choice-ice cubes, salt and Elmer’s glue.

Some Ks were successful with stacking while other walls literally ended in puddles! Other Math activities included playing a card game called “High, Low, Switch.” This game gives Ks practice with comparing and sequencing numbers, following directions and working with varying partners.

March- Dates at a Glance!

Friday, March 2nd        K-4th Ice Skating at Buhr Park, 10:15-11:15 A.M.
Saturday, March 3rd    Eudaimonia/Kidamonia events
M-Th, March 5th-8th   Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences.
Friday, March 9th        No School.  Professional Development Day!
Mon/Thurs. 3/12 & 15    Last week of EBs (Exploratory Blocks) for the session
Fri/Mon, 3/16 & 19        Abstract Art with Evan's (Grandmother) 1:30pm
Mon-Th 3/19-22           SK Spirit Week! See weekly SK newsletter for details
Thursday, March 22      Wild Swan Theatre's "Tales of the Mischievous Bunny"
Friday, March 23-30     No School! Spring Break!

Sunday, April 8th         Celebration of Kindergarten, 2:30-3:30 P.M.
Wednesday, May 2nd   Trip to the Michigan Capitol in Lansing with Evan's Dad
Monday, May 7th         3rd/Last session of EBs begins!
Friday, May 25             No School! Professional Development Day!