Monday, April 22, 2019

Community Gardening continued...

Community Gardening- Part 1

Egg-cellent Ed-ventures!

On Wednesday, our Mom/Librarian Sylwia led us through a beautiful (and nostalgic) blown egg shell dyeing activity. We both recalled this from each of our childhoods in two different parts of the world! She explained that she forced the egg yolk and white out through tiny holes with careful skill while at home. The Ks decorated their meticulously strung shells with bright yet intense watercolor paints. Mrs. Sylwia then hung our delicate treasures on live budding branches to symbolize life and rebirth in celebration of the upcoming Easter Holiday. They are beautifully displayed in our school Library. 

Our Mom/Librarian Sylwia also read us one of the most powerful and creative story sequels ever, in my opinion, After the Fall. It tells of Humpty Dumpty's journey post tumble off of that wall. 

On friday afternoon, who could resist the invitation to be a deliverer of joy! 

Ks hopped at the chance to hide about 4 dozen colorful plastic eggs around the PreK-K playground. Some even contained personal notes, cut outs, and tattoo treats.

The Kindergartners then scurried inside and hid under blankets while perched at the playground door to watch the fun as PreKs awoke from their rest times to discover the surprise awaiting them.

The basket was quickly filled by eagle-eyed detectives. 

Then turn about was fair and fun play as the PreKs re-hid the eggs for us! Some eggs were even conveniently piled all in the same location!

Kindergartners  leapt at the chance to find the eggs that the Pre Ks hid for them!

Happy Easter and Resurrection Day!